This I Thought was True
My Cat Rub Me With His Body To Show Affection

My cat rubs me with his body to show affection. This I thought was true.Like many cat-lovers, I used to interpret cat behaviors with human eyes. I thought my cat rubbed his body against me in order to be closer to me. I also thought it licked his fur after cuddling with me because I messed it up. That’s not at all what he was doing! Cats can communicate with each other with pheromones from their face, tail, and the side of the body. Rubbing and licking can stimulate the production of the pheromone. So he is really telling other cats that I am his when he is rubbing his body against me. And the real reason why he licks himself after spending time with me is because he is desperately trying to smell like a cat again. Imagine what you’d feel like if the person you just shook hands with immediately whips out a bottle of hand-sanitizer.